Our story

A few years back, during a business dinner, Jay conceived WealthPaver. While conversing, Jay was struck by lightning: Why can't we help students pay off their educational debt and help families save money along the way? The very next day, Jay spoke about his idea during a meeting. To his surprise, it was well received.

On a trip to Livermore, CA, Jay discussed the idea with a few businessmen and high school principals. Again, he got encouraging feedback. And so, he decided to carry on.

At the same time, Jay was enrolled at Jack Welch Management Institute studying for an Executive MBA program. There, he discussed the idea with peers and Professors, including Jack Welch. Yet another time, he got a warm reception. He decided to pave the way with his idea. And now, I can introduce WealthPaver to you.

Our vision

Building a brighter future!

  • Our goal

    We desire nothing more than to assist students in paying off educational debt faster. Those who graduate without the stress of debt are more likely to contribute to the arts and sciences, not many of us have the ability to toil in a sawmill while chugging out short stories like Raymond Carver

  • Our compassion

    The older generations speak of the value of hardship, but we understand that the ever churning state of the world is enough to break students’ spirits. Unfortunately free education is not a right and not many are privileged enough to get one. So, if student loans are the only way to climb the ivory tower, the least we can do is help students get out of debt faster.

  • Our solution

    It’s said that talk is cheap and we agree. We offer ways to save early to prepare students to payoff debt upon graduation. We also made sure to create funds that friends, family and even employers can contribute small amounts to. Best of all, these funds exponentially grow over time.

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Our team

The people behind WealthPaver

JayK Patel

CEO & founder

An innovative and strategic CEO with years of extensive experience in various domains. I’ve worked with CBOT, NYSE, NASDAQ, Motorola, and Bell Labs. I hold a few patents in financial technology, wireless core networking, and wireless security. I’m using my market experience and technical expertise to make WealthPaver a widely available and successful platform. I’ve earned a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering, Masters in Computer Science, and MBA.

Steven Ferguson

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As CFO I develop outstanding financial, accounting, auditing solutions. I do always question the status quo, identify efficiency-enhancing opportunities, and drive operational improvements for performance, accuracy, and reduced cost. I have a straightforward, open door, detail-oriented, inclusive leadership style that has proven successful in developing people, teams, and businesses to achieve success. I’ve worked with a number of Fortune 25 companies including GE. and JC. Penney. I have degrees in accounting, speech communications, MBA education, coupled with CPA and Six Sigma.