WealthPaver (Student Loan Repayment 67) is Wefea Capital LLC’s unique investment plan.This is the first student loan repayment plan designed around an investment strategy, ensuring that each payment is invested to yield a high return over time. This allows our clients to make the most of their payment amounts, boosting their income and paying their loans more rapidly to become debt-free. The aim of the WealthPaver program is to help prospective, current, and former students establish a more secure financial future. Any individual with an educational loan or any prospective students planning to have an education loan can enroll in WealthPaver. WealthPavers can be a pledge by parents who want to offer the gift of education to their children, employers who want to provide a student loan benefit, or college financial aid officers who want to attract the best students. With so many options and opportunities, the WealthPaver is a repayment program designed to meet a number of financial needs and empower all student loan borrowers to become debt-free.
"The WealthPaver is the smart, simple solution to make student loan repayment faster, easier and shorten length of loan. With our following simple steps, you can accelerate your payment schedule and free yourself from the burden of educational debt. Our automated investment strategies will manage your investment to ensure a decent return, which will be applied to your student loan at the of maturity term.
Step 1: Open account with WealthPaver
Step 2: Deposit funds one time or setup recurring deposit.
Step 3: Select an Investment terms (3/5/7/10/10+ yrs)
Step 4: Upon maturity transfer funds to Lender or University
Sign me Up with WealthPaver"
"Yes, you should continue to pay your monthly payment. For example, suppose a student has $100K in student loans and plans to invest $10K in the WealthPaver Program for a 7-year locked-in period. Assume, the student’s balance becomes $80k after 7yrs, and WealthPaver total ROI of the investment is $17.5K. Upon completion of 7yrs, $17.5K will be deposited with the lender towards the loan and the revised new remaining loan amount will be $62.5K at lender. *Assumption of 8.25% compounded annually for 7 years, actual returns may vary depending on the market conditions."
"Yes, as it stands now, capital gains taxes are applicable where required. However, we do include some tax optimized investments as appropriate in the portfolio. Our cutomers have 15 portfolios to choose from. Once the account is created, the investor has to choose his/her risk profile and length of investment. Depending on their choice, an appropriate portfolio is allocated to the user by the system. The portfolio distribution is kept current by rebalancing once in 90 days, per current policy. What is bought/sold is determined by our investment advisors and is regularly revised. Primarily we only allow trade in appropriate ETFs - Stock, Bond and precious metals ETFs. In essence: What is bought and sold: Portfolio is chosen by the investors. Investment pick in the portfolio is determined by review of our advisors, executed by the robo advisory. How is it allocated: Depends on investor risk profile and investment length - done by robo Advisor. Is it Tax free/advantaged? : No, not all investments are, but some may be, depending on portfolio."
No. However, you can share your lender’s name during registration process. If you opted to not share, we will contact you upon maturity.
Yes, please contact and consult our WealthPaver team and they will help you. You can send an email to us at : info@WealthPaver.net
Currently, there is no direct tax benefit for early payoff. Based on current federal law(2020), your loan interest payments are refunded up to $2,500 if your income is less than $75,000 (Amount varies every year). Please contact your accountant and fill out the necessary forms to get your income tax refund when you file your current year taxes.
Currently WealthPaver is only available in the United States. You can register your email in the signup process for updates. You can also Email us at: info@WealthPaver.com to get updates as soon as we launch.
Yes, as long as your lender is in the United States and there is a signed agreement between the borrower and lender, we will support that.
With any investment, there is always a risk - and the face value may turn into negative or zero. We are an investment firm and our goal will remain to follow the best investment practices in the industry. As per security regulators any investment is at risk, and depending upon market conditions, your principal amount may or may not produce substantial returns.
Your return on investment is dependent on current market conditions. There is always a risk when investing, and all investments are subject to the current market conditions.
Yes, you will have an online account when you enroll in the WealthPaver program. This account is transparent, and clients have the ability to view all account transactions.
You can register to receive a digital monthly statement or you can view your current and past statements on your account at broker dealer website.
Once the lender has received payment in full, you will be contacted by WealthPaver team and your lender.
During the sign-up process at WealthPaver.net client will create a username and password. With registered username and password the client can access their account on Interactive brokers website. Interactive Brokerage website
You can deposit funds directly on the Interactive Brokers website. On the dashboard, setup your bank account for one-time or recurring deposits. You can select one of the available options, Bill Pay, ACH or Direct deposit.
You can view your account portfolio from within your account at Interactive Brokerage website. Your also have the option to setup for monthly, quarterly or yearly report. For further assistance please reach us via email - info@WealthPaver.net.
Your funds will be managed by our automated investment strategy. You will not be able to make a direct trade.
During sign up process you will select term length for an investment, 3 years / 5 years / 7 years / 10 years / 10 years of more.
Upon maturity funds can deposited to your lender’s account OR designated education institute OR assigned financial institute.
Distinctively enable premier potentialities through market positioning models.Distinctively